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Traffic Radar for Motorists

DATE:    CHAPTER TITLE, FALSE CHARGE and CASE SUMMARY:  (updated 1219/2007 9:10pm)

Mar, 2007  Win, Win, Win, Win  False 85/70 zone. Was doing 76 on cruise, but NOT 85 MPH. Overtaking Vehicle? Taken to
                    Court, Reduced from 85 to 80 mph, 1 Point instead of 3,  $75.00 reduced to $50.00 by negotiation.
Dec, 2006  Rain! Rain! Go Away! False 31/20 zone, raining, Louisville, KY. $20 + $130 Court Costs, 2 Points on License.
                    Revenue Generator!  Researched, prepared case, went to Court! Dismissed! 
                    Two Trials same day, Dec 6, in North Dakota & Kentucky!
Dec, 2006  Deal! No Deal!  False 70/40 mph zone, Minot, ND, 9 pts, $95.00. Taken to Court. Reduced to 60/40, 3 Pts, $40.
Dec, 2006  Cruise On!  False 85/70 zone, Cruise control set at 73 mph by Underwood, ND.  Overtaking rear  vehicle, but officer
                    stopped first vehicle.  Lady claimed she was NOT speeding, doing 73 on cruise. Warning given.
Nov, 2006  Officer Jerks!  False 53/30mph zone charge. Two cars on 4-lane crowned overpass meeting patrol car.
                    Driver who got ticket had small 4-cylinder Tercel with blown head gasket, barely any power.
                    Young lady in white car passed driver at high rate of speed, making a quick right turn
                    to side street by Coke Plant.  Driver stopped for red traffic light at bottom of overpass
                    and two officers in patrol car claimed he was the speeder and given the ticket.  Didn't
                    know how to fight charge in municipal court.  Found Guilty. False Rap!!! Memory kept
                    sharp till this day. Will always remember what jerks the officers were! Go to Court and Win!
Nov, 2006  WinD, DNI  Driver and father-in-law heading south towards Bismarck, cruise set at 60 mph. 
                    Another car was overtaking driver from the rear, but officer stopped him.  He explained
                    he was slightly over-limit, but NOT 73 in 55 mph zone, 18 mph over!  Officer said he couldn't
                    ID which car was the speeder because of the distance involved, said he made a mistake.
                    Officer followed proper training rule:  When in Doubt, DO NOT ISSUE! Honest officer!  
Nov, 2006  Triple Win Trifecta!  Driver reported 3 speeding cases, all dismissed in Court.  Took each one to Court, self
                    defense, and won. Cases Dismissed! Other driver's stories and cases pending! More laps to come!
May, 2006  Dropped Jaw!  Highly reputable driver, cruise set 72/70 zone. Car ahead, Semi behind, following each
                    other for miles. Area of Michigan & Leeds, ND heading east into town.  Sheriff heading west out of town on the
                    four lane highway, stopped driver in a Cadillac for 87/70 zone! 17MPH OVER!  No Way!
                    Driver's jaw dropped.  Deputy gave warning after checking the driver out!
                    False reading,  Patrol shadowing error? Cell tower harmonics? Microwave harmonics?
                    Anyway, another true story.  A false, error prone reading! Deputy  to check with HP.
May, 2006  Deal by Attorney!  Laser Trial, Found Guilty. Appealed! More info after new Trial. Speed reduced for Guilty     
                    Plea to lesser charge, no additional Court time taken up with prosecution of case.
Apr, 2006   Laser Case, Hillcrest, 112/70 zone. To Trial. Driver claimed "Not That Fast".
Mar, 2006  Deputy Rude!  False 98/45 zone, cruise set at 80. Another false ticket? What Happened?
                    Wrong for speeding at 80, but not THAT wrong! "Hold Mode" Harmonics?                 
                    Driver reports deputy rude & unprofessional! Judge says to get speedometer
                    calibrated at local garage. Speedometer off by that much? Don't think so!
Feb, 2006  Big Question!  False charge, 57 in 45 zone, with cruise set at 45! What happened?
Jan, 2006   What Training!  Another false charge, 36/25 zone, faster driver coming down hill behind her!
                    Training manual advises against such locations! 2nd false charge in same location!
Nov, 2005   More cases to be updated! I'm purposely omitting cases until resolved!
                    Prosecutor's & Judges getting tipped off about defenses/locations!
Nov 7,  05  Slow Stew! (See May 2004, Finally a trial after 1 1/2 Years) Talk about "Speedy Trial"!
                    11/07/2005 Case Dismissed!
Nov, 2005  NL, NC, NT  False, Inflated speeding charge.  HP Officer: No Lock, No Calibration, No Training.
                    Driver asked intelligent, non threatening questions. Warning Given, although driver
                    shouldn't have been stopped in the first place! FALSE READING/TARGET! No Tracking History!

Apr, 2005   Revenuers!  Radar case, Speed Zone set too low. No Speed Study. Speed Trap! Guilty!
                    Contacted me too late! Last case of day, already found Guilty!
Mar, 2005  Residential Plant!  Washington State, False Charge, False Speed Zone, Case Dismissed!
Local residents planted their own 25 mph sign rather than official 40 mph speed sign! Many tickets issued!
Jan-Feb05 Too much site Info! Six more False Cases including Laser, Radar, Pacing,  To be updated: pending Court cases!
Another Case Dismissed; WA: Another Case Dismissed! 4 cases pending!
Dec, 2004  Pre-Trial Snooping!  False 97/65 zone. Being Investigated! Ready for trial!
Nov, 2004  Triple Crown of Thorns! False 40/25 zone. Minot, ND. Same area as 3 other false tickets. Why? Investigated.
Aug, 2004  Top Case of Year!  False 51/30 zone. Fargo, ND. "No Way, Not Possible", Being Investigated.
                    Investigated: 30MPH sign Improperly Installed; 2 Large Pedestrian Wire Walkways at Bridge crest.
                    Huge Cosine Error Factor! Driver not speeding! False, Inflated Charge! Sept. update: Huge
                    Power Station adjacent to bridge and nearby 400,000+ volt Power Lines. Court date for Oct 21st.
                    Evidentiary photos and measurements taken. City Prosecutor changes date to Oct 26th.
                    Found Guilty. Appealed to District Court. Court Clerk sends in early pre-conviction notice (trial pending)
                    to State of ND. What Trial?

Jun, 2004   No Evidence!  False Radar Signal 75/55 Zone, Vehicle Stopped, Officer gave Warning!
                     NO TRACKING HISTORY!, Large Power Station in area!
Jun, 2004   QuickCase vs. Kustom QuikTrak!  False 63/40 Zone, Pled Not Guilty,  Court Hearing. Dismissed!
May, 2004  About Case!  False 44/30 Zone, City Radar, No Way! Pending Investigation!
May, 2004  Canadian Sunset!  False 96/60 kmph , False Ticket, Trial set Nov 8, 2004, then Feb 2005, now to
                   July, 2005, finally going to Court Nov 7, 2005, after 1 1/2 YEARS!  "Speedy Trial"! 

Apr, 2004  Double Bogey!  False 49/25 Zone, Pending Investigation,  Research, & Confirmation. Moving Radar.
                     Driver Prepared case, Radar NOT Calibrated for 4 Years! Trial Held. Dismissed 6/23/04 in NJ.
                     2nd False charge Dismissed as well.
  Police Retribution?
Mar, 2004  Bear meets Giant!  False 72/55 zone. True Story, send eMail to www.WildWindKennel.Net to find out more!
                    Oct, 2005, another "False Charge" Dismissed!
Mar, 2004   Confused illusions!  False Speed, in town/city, moving radar, multiple cars, poor "Tracking History"!
                      Driver Investigated, Prepared Case, Took on the System!  Dismissed 5/11/04
Feb, 2004  Double Trouble!  False 93/70 zone, Moving Radar, Overtaking pickup, or "Double Bounce" problem!
                     Being Investigated, Researched for Trial!. Trial date set for Mar 4, 2005.
Feb, 2004  Proportional Feedback! False 64/55 zone, Moving Radar, Overtaking vehicle was the true target, not closest!
                    Off-Duty Officer received inflated, false ticket, didn't fight it because of dept. harmony with HP!
Jan, 2004  Two and Won!  False 60/40 zone, Opposite Direction Moving Radar, Wrong Target! Can Appeal!
                      Received 2 speeding tickets, 1 Correct & 1 Wrong!  50% Error Rate!
Jan, 2004   A Mirrored Lie! False 49/35 zone, Same Direction Moving Radar (from rear). Radar lied! Warning!
                     Retired Police officer asked direct questions about validity of reading! He was only doing 30 mph!
Jan, 2004   Curved Illusions!  False 75/55 zone, Highway Curve, Being Investigated.
Dec, 2003  Creeping Speed Zones!  False 68/55zone, Highway changed zones through town. Investigating. Target behind!
Dec, 2003  Coronary Bypass!  Highway Bypass Case, False 68/55 mph zone!  Being Investigated.
Dec, 2003  City Case, False 52/40 mph zone. Going to Court!  Being Investigated, Appealed!
                       District Court Trial Date Set.
Nov, 2003  New Case, going to Court!
Nov, 2003  New City Case, Being investigated! Another "Professional" got an Inflated Ticket!
Oct, 2003   Double False, True!  Driver discovered over many years why he got 2 false tickets out of 3! 66% Error Rate!
Sep, 2003  Police State? School Zone, 35/20 zone. Problem area, Taken to Court!  Prosecutor wouldn't replay
                    entire police in-car video revealing the errors!
Sep, 2003  Hills, Curves, & Microwaves! Radar Case, 35/25 zone. Major problems in area. Trial.  
                       Appealed to District Court. Judges need to study Hanson vs. Wisconsin, other Case Law!
Sep,2003  Bulldozed!  Radar Case, Watched young lady get bulldozed by Prosecutor. She didn't stand a chance!
                     She had no idea what questions to ask the officer! Found "Guilty" by Judge.
Click here for more  Prior & Pending Cases.

Police (Traffic Radar Error/Errors) take your Driver's/Operator License.

"Traffic Radar for Motorists, Why 33% of Speeding Ticket's are Wrong!"    
This is "Pro Talk" for the Professional Driver.
 Updated: Wednesday December 19, 2007.

A professional driver doesn't need to be a Doctor to learn about the types of radar errors! Look through the information.  We just had another radar ticket reduced, another refunded.  Another case, 73/55 zone, cruise control set at 55 mph.  18 MPH over. NO WAY!  But we investigated and discovered what caused the false reading. See how we investigate using the "Heads Up Display" (HUD) Radar Beam Width Training Simulator/Aid.  (Please view with Microsoft Explorer for best visualization/graphical movement!)

We know many of you have never received a speeding ticket and don't expect to get one.  Others of you have received inflated, false, speeding tickets and said "Why Fight It, It's Too Expensive!" Others, well maybe you deserved it!  Still others, the speed zone was set too low, you paid more than necessary (Speed Trap). Some of you have even been stopped for "Same Direction Radar" errors (purposely inflated), and the officer gave you a warning after checking you out (he/she can falsely inflate your speed to stop you to just "check you out")! False "probable cause"!  Just like an officer stopping you for a "tail light out", then tapping the light and it mysteriously pops back on! He still gets to check you out, through "tactics".

Professional drivers know that penalties are increasing drastically!  Quite often  these "Speed Traps" and "False Signals" will cost you hundreds of dollars!

Read about My True Story Ask the County Commissioner, the County Prosecutor, the Realtor, the Retired Professor,  the Fire Chief, the Teacher, the  Brick Mason,  the Graphic Artist, the Small Business Director, the States Attorney, the 16 year old Male Student, the 15 year old Female Student,   the Defense Attorney, the Electronics Technician, the College Professor, the Retired Police Officer, the Airman, the Insurance Agent about their recent tickets. No one was going the speed the officer said.  The radar/laser lied/tricked the officer. The officer passed on the lie because of careless procedures, overlooked, but required by case law. You need to know what causes errors! "Speed Measurement Devices" or methods consist of RADAR, LASER, LADAR, LIDAR, a Stopwatch, Planes, VASCAR, and Pacing! Manufacturers include Kustom Signals, MPH, Decatur, and others.

We've documented over 270 True Stories in a very short time.  Some speeding errors were created by electronic harmonics problems. In others, the radar beam shot beyond nearer cars picking up overtaking vehicles. Many tickets were issued at night with reduced visibility, identification, and tracking history errors by the officer, some on multi-lane highways. Others were issued during plain daylight where there was heavy traffic which causes inter-vehicle, false, high harmonics, or large metal clad buildings alongside the road. There are also vehicular movement illusions caused by shifting cars and variable speeds.  We have recent cases from California to Florida, North Dakota to Texas, Puerto Rico and Eastern and Western Canada. Cases were taken to court and reduced, or won! "Not Guilty" the best words you can hear!

Police Traffic Radar Errors are common! Nov, 2006 Minot Daily News Article.   First Minot Daily News Article.  Drivers don't know how to defend themselves in case they're erroneously or falsely targeted.  Even professional drivers just pay the ticket and groan.  If they knew what to look for, they'd go to Court with good information and questions to present their case.  After all, you are "Innocent until proven Guilty!"  Not the reverse!  Greater knowledge about how radar really works and it's inherent errors helps prepare your case questions! Know what questions to ask!

For many it's the "principle" of being wrongly charged, next the points, finally the money. If you only knew the correct questions to ask!  If you only knew the environmental clues to look for! When we investigate a false speeding case, why do we find so many cell-phone towers and microwave towers nearby? We use a Heads Up Display, a radar/laser "beam width" simulator/training device! Click here for Active Demonstration.   

You can purchase a Hot Wheels Radar Gun for less than 30 dollars to verify everything in this demonstration.  It operates at 10.525 GHz which is an X-Band frequency that's over 300 feet wide at 1000 feet. It's just severely limited in power, play use, not like the "big boys" radar guns.

It can cost you well over $100.00 per ticket in many states for only 10 MPH over the limit.  Even home-rule cities are hiking fines for "safety" reasons.  For example, Connecticut 75/55 zone = $239.00 and Nebraska 53/35 zone = $147.00.  Teen driver, Bismarck, ND 90/25 zone = $445.00. Canadian provinces just raised their rates! Training standards are virtually identical to those in the United States! Same errors also! Check out the USA Today article on Speeders (Monday, Feb 23, 2004).

States are raising fines, some to well over $5.00 per mile over the limit.  Home Rule cities have their own fine and fee schedules and have raised their fines.  Revenue is short! Plans are being made to raise drivers license points as well.  Highway patrolmen are reducing their "tolerance", some agencies to just 4 mph over the limit.  Insurance companies are raising their rates!

We're here to explain Moving Radar problems which cause inflated readings and excessive fines and points.  You CAN protect yourself from errors.   Even Stationary Radar and Laser/Lidar/Ladar are error prone in certain environments.

We're here to primarily help officers prevent errors in the first place!  Secondly, if errors do occur, how you, the driver, can take it to Court to prove your innocence.  As a professional, we want you to know as much as (or more than) the officer about radar errors. That's the only way you can keep everyone honest. Check out Kustom Signals "QuikTrak". It's not to be used for conviction. It still needs full "tracking history" provided by Court Rulings.  MPH's "PoP" mode likewise needs 3-5 seconds of Human Tracking History (Common Sense Estimation of Speed) not a Lying Radar caused by too short, very brief,  readings designed to defeat laser/radar detectors and subject to error under many conditions.) This is especially true with moving radar moving through random environments with ever increasing electronic interference.

That's why we have Courts. You need to know what Questions to ask the officer during Cross Examination. You also need to know when to "Object" to improper Courtroom procedures, practiced by the Prosecutor. They can easily tilt the "Scales of Justice" (51%) in their favor if you don't know when to object to improper procedure, thus allowing the Judge key decision information. Guilty!

Too many of you have already received wrongly issued, inflated  tickets. Just ask around and start a conversation with another driver.  We encourage you to become educated.  Know  what to look for.  With details, you'll know what went wrong and what you can do about it.

Information is more than Power! The power is in taking action, knowing what questions to ask.  You can have the best legal Radar or Laser Detector on the market and still be cited for a false, higher speed because of certain radar/laser errors you'll learn about.  The radar detector is useful in determining if the officer was using "lock mode" which can cause errors.  We have videotaped evidence of these erroneous speeds and errors.  We've taken the time to document and record these events.  All information and stories in the book are true, real drivers telling about what really happened and summarized for easy understanding! Speed Measurement Devices or Radar Instruments have certain case law requirements which must be met! The officers know this, but you don't.

Be pro-active: know what to look for. Our book "Traffic Radar for Motorists, Why 33% of Speeding Tickets are Wrong" explains errors in detail. We use full-color pictures, diagrams, and an easy to understand "true-story" style of format. It's designed to be kept in your vehicle for immediate reference. You'll have the Heads Up Display ready to use.  You'll have a page for notes and observations, plus room to draw a diagram for future Court use.

It's tough to prepare a case weeks later after your memory fades. Officers take immediate notes; Note the details of your false charge as well. Take pictures with your new Cell Phone or PDA! Time stamp it!  Document the event! Record it! Your Garmin, TomTom, Lawrence, or other GPS tracking/mapping systems can be useful as well. The Navigational Technologies (NAVTECH) and Delorme GPS Maps can record your actual/true speed during use.

Learn what to take pictures of in order to support your case. Even a Phazer or Whistler radar detector won't help you! It's the false charges to court that should concern you. A recent Court Dismissal found that the radar WAS NOT CALIBRATED for 4 years! In other cases, the speed zone had NEVER been established by law. In other areas, officers are purchasing their own radars to use, but not calibrating/testing/certifying their use.  Know when to subpoena the video recording made by the officer of your speeding event!  It'll reveal additional information and errors!

Our Goal:  To Teach Professional Officers and Drivers about Moving and Stationary Radar Errors.
Our Focus:   Everyone with a Driver's/Operator's License;

bulletwho was Not Going That Fast.
bulletwho gets an Inflated Ticket.
bulletwho was the Wrong Target.
bulletwho wants to understand traffic radar errors before being stopped.
bulletwho pays more in inflated fines than necessary.
bulletwho got more points against their license than necessary.
bulletwho pays more insurance because of the extra points. (Progressive Insurance $1400.00 for 6 Mo.)
bulletwho wants to protect their driver's license thru more Training, Understanding & Knowledge of Police Traffic Radar/Laser Systems (The Professional continually learns!).

Officer Certification/Re-Certification and Seminars for Defense Attorneys Available.  Public Training Sessions also available upon request.

*Visit our Hall of Excellence for known areas of proper training.

Check out www.motorists.org to see additional related stories and information. See what we're talking about!   Check out their recent dismissals and how to fight an improper radar charge. They're a great advocate for proper procedure and willing to fund Court of Record Appeals. Read, evaluate, and Join their Cause! Don't get caught with your guard and learning down!

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Why 33% of Speeding Tickets are wRONG!

Get one?

Can't explain it?

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I'll explain it!

I've been teaching police subjects since 1974!

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40 Years Experience. Developer of the HUD (Heads Up Display demo) Starburst beam pattern shown above!
(Defensive Driving doesn't teach this to you...)

ISBN#  0-9704600-0-7

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