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Pending, continued, dismissed, or adjudicated speeding cases.

Dec, 2003 Highway Bypass Case, False 68/55 mph zone!  Being Investigated.
Dec, 2003 City Case, False 52/40 mph zone. Going to Court!  Being Investigated.
Nov, 2003 New Case, going to Court!
Nov, 2003 New Case, Being investigated! Another "Professional" got an Inflated Ticket!
Oct, 2003 Driver discovered over many years why he got 2 false tickets out of 3! Radar Errors!
Sep, 2003 New Case, 35/20 zone. Problems within area, Found Guilty!  Video evidence not replayed!
Sep, 2003 Radar Case, 35/25 zone. Major problems in area. Trial, Found Guilty.
           Appealed to District Court. Found Guilty. Judges need to study Hanson vs. Wisconsin.
Sep, 2003 Radar Case, Watched young lady get bulldozed by Prosecutor.
                   She had no idea what questions to ask the officer! Found Guilty!
Aug, 2003 New Case/Information, 59 in 40 MPH zone. Investigated.
                    Found active Microwave Tower antenna directly behind "Speeding Vehicle."
Jul, 2003 Radar Case, 76 in 55 zone. Harmonic Interference. Pending.
Jul, 2003 New Case, Speeding - False Probable Cause, Math proves pacing procedure false.
Jul, 2003 New Case, Speeding, Speed Zone set too low.  Road design speed is higher.
Jun, 2003 New Case, Speeding-Basic Rule, 1st Trial Postponed, Officer No-Show.
                    Driver should have asked for Dismissal! Now it's continued.  1st Trial,
                    Reduced to Lesser Charge. Appealed to District Court.  Charge
                    dropped from (6 Points, $60 fine) to Care Required (2 Points, $30).
                    Will save $1000.00 per year on insurance!
May, 2003 New Case, 62 in 25 zone. 1st Trial - Guilty, Appealed, 2nd Trial, Pending
May, 2003 Case, 80 in 65 zone. Pending Trial, Date set.6/10/03  Dismissed!
Apr, 2003 Case, 97 in 70 Zone, 1st Trial - Guilty, Appealed, 2nd Trial. Reduced!
Mar, 2003 Case Dismissed, Officer Failed to Appear in Court!   Money Refunded.
Mar, 2003 Case Reduced, No Points, Kept Off Record!    Summons Modified.
Nov, 2002 Case Dismissed, Improper Jurisdiction or Venue!    Bond Refunded.
Oct, 2002 Case Dismissed. 120 in 65 Zone!    Cash money Bond Refunded.
Jun, 2002 Case Dismissed, 39 in 25 Zone, False Target!    Court Bond Refunded.
Apr, 2002 Appealed to District Court, 73 in 55 Zone, Radar Detector didn't sound.

Many more cases in historical documentation!

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