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Traffic Radar for Motorists

Minot Daily News, Minot, ND, Article on latest research, stories, and court cases.  11/01/2006 by Dan Feldner, staff reporter.

"Dr. Kim's Entrepreneurial Course", Minot State University,
Developing a small business, marketing, surveys, legal entities, problems and challenges. Oct 15, 2003.

"What's On Your Mind", Clear Channel AM 550, KFYR Radio, Bismarck, ND, with John Ruby.  Monday, May 27th, 2002, 1-2 pm.  Fargo/Moorhead, MN case 73/55 zone; Speeding Fines; Open questions. Dismissals. Coverage into 7 States and 2 Canadian provinces.

Barnes & Nobel Bookstore,  Bismarck, ND.  Free police radar training seminar and book signing.

Clear Channel AM 550, KFYR Radio, Bismarck, ND, Pro-Talk Show with Mark Armstrong.  Tuesday, Apr. 9th, 2002, 3-4pm.  Recent Cases, District Court, Speeding Fines, Guest Driver 84/65 zone dismissed, more true stories about errors. Open questions. Clear Channel radio coverage into 7 States and 2 Canadian provinces.

AM 550, KFYR Radio, Pro-Talk Show with Mark Armstrong.  Thursday, Oct. 25th, 2001, 3-4pm.  Open Questions & Recent Cases.

KXMC TV Noon Show, Host Carla Burbidge, Minot, ND. Thursday, Aug. 24th, 2001.   Recent cases across North Dakota, Nebraska, and Georgia.  Problem areas with power lines, large reflectors, and radar operation in areas with environmental/operational concerns.

Pro-Talk Show, Thursday, May 24th, 2001 3pm-4pm, KFYR Radio, Bismarck, ND.  Latest news on pending cases, recent dismissals, driver's concerns.  Listen live at www.kfyr.com 550 AM.

KFYR Radio, Radar cases 3pm-4pm on Pro Talk,  Friday, March 6th, 2001. Listen live at www.kfyr.com 

KFAB Radio & KKAR Radio, Omaha, NE.  Listeners were great! We were right about the wrongly issued tickets.

KFYR Radio, Listeners at Bismarck, ND had a lot to talk about! Lots of errors and they had No Way to defend themselves.

Minot Daily News article, Minot, ND, Ken Crites, Staff Writer.

Prairie Public Radio
generated many questions from drivers about false tickets they'd received.  Fargo & Bismarck, ND.

Border's Books, Omaha, Book Signing and Free Training Seminar.

KMTV 3, Omaha, Nebraska did a great story about traffic radar and tickets.

We'll train you about traffic radar errors. Our goal is to teach everyone (including officers) about moving radar problems and it's many errors.

The best way to prevent abuse is to know how traffic radar works -- not in fancy legal or scientific terms -- but in common terms of language, pictures and illustrations.  Then you'll know what really happened and how to present your case in court! In fact, officers aren't required to be electronic experts, they only have to understand proper operational procedures, case law, and types of errors that can get them into trouble.

There are tips and suggestions for both officers and drivers. Officers are not required to be "Technical Experts", neither are you.  You only have to be able to understand basic principles and errors to refute false information. You only have to have questions relating to the case itself.  How do you gather those questions?

We'll reply to questions posted here. You can e-Mail us at Dr-Radar for a personal written reply; or call us at  1-701-852-1044. Leave a message and time to return the call.


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