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Dr. Radar's Certificate of Excellence

Omaha Police Traffic Division, Omaha, Nebraska 

On January 10th, 2001, Dennis Smetana and Charles Gutha had the privilege of visiting the Omaha Traffic Safety Division.  Lieutenant Friend and Officer Howie provided a thorough tour of the facilities and training programs.  We found the radar training program far exceeded NHTSA National Guidelines in both quantity and content with the most up to date information outside the factory.  Quality included permanently mounting the antennas at zero degrees, straight ahead.   We found their professionalism and enthusiasm inspiring. Speed Measurement Devices were properly used.

Their critiques of our book were most helpful and encouraging, in that Officer Howie stated that "[We] were accurate but slanted in our presentation." (meaning that we emphasized the errors without acknowledging those professional officers who use radar correctly.) 

In the few hours that we had to spend together we developed a unity of spirit, common goals and shared commitment towards public relations, education, and safety.   The result is an increased commitment, a cooperative spirit, with goals for the benefit of both traffic radar teams and drivers. 

Based on what we found in their training program and their standard of excellence, it is doubtful that any ticket given by this professional team would be in error.  They also use common sense and are judicious in their use of radar, laser and in speed enforcement policies.  Their standard is: "When in Doubt, Do NOT Issue!"

For these reasons and more, we give them our highest rating. 

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