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Traffic Radar for Motorists

Dennis Smetana is a retired Police Administrative Lieutenant serving 24 years in Minot, ND.  He was in charge of the 9-1-1 System, Police Computer,  radio communications, records, radar training, trouble shooting, and equipment repairs. He is a "Researcher" with a www.kolbe.com Index and Mode of Operation of "7444". 

After retiring, he was Director of 911 Dispatcher Training at the University of North Dakota doing training for a multi-state area. He did private consultant teaching at major police departments and at the Police Academy in Bismarck, ND. He is presently providing Expert Witness testimony in traffic radar cases.

He has over 3000 hours of additional training including the FBI National Academy at Quantico, VA.  He has traffic engineering training in traffic flow and management of traffic control systems. He has taught over 150 Defensive Driving Classes and as a CW3 Warrant Officer was Communications Officer and a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Instructor teaching well over 200 students.

He is one of the few factory trained radar technicians who is willing to provide information to drivers and officers about erroneous, false readings and targeting.

Charles Gutha is technically minded.  He is presently working towards his Minnesota Chief Boilers license as well as an Omaha license.  He also has degrees in computer Programming and Architectural Drafting.  He earned his Associates of Arts degree with emphasis on engineering from Iowa Lakes Community College in Esterville, Iowa. His military experiences include Wheel Vehicle Mechanic, Cannoneer, OCS (Officer Candidate School)  at the Minnesota Military Academy, and OBC (Officer Basic Course) at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Charles' interest in engineering and steam power led him to Minot Air Force Base, tending the heat plant there.  It was while he was there that Dennis and Charles met. Eventually, Dennis learned that Charles was writing in his spare time (working on a novel).  Having had the idea of writing a book on radar for many years, Dennis took it upon himself to share these secrets with Charles.  This book is the first of a series designed to help inform officers and the public of the proper use of radar and the many causes of errors.

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