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Traffic Radar for Motorists

Jan. 9th, 2001:  Border's Books/Bookstore book-signing with Question and Answer Mini-Session afterwards.
72nd and Dodge Street, Omaha, Nebraska.  Nice crowd, many questions. Officer attendance as well.

May 25th, 2001:  Barnes & Nobel Book Signing, Bismarck, ND  6pm to 9pm.  Free Radar "heads-up-displays" showing beam-width of radar and laser. Free public training session, plus Q&A. Drivers had questions about operational procedures.

Books at the following locations.

Available at: Where Location Convenience
On-Line Stores, 24 Hour Service From Anywhere Fast Shipping, 24 Hour Service From Anywhere Fast Shipping, 24 Hour Service From Anywhere Fast Shipping Shopping From Anywhere Fast Shipping
Local Regional: Moorhead State University Moorhead, MN  
  Minot State Univ. Book Store Minot, ND,   
  Behm's Conoco Truck Center Minot, ND  
  Maxwell's Book Store Bismarck, ND  
  Univ. of ND, Lake Region Devils Lake, ND  
  Barnes and Noble Booksellers Bismarck, ND  
  Barnes and Noble Booksellers Fargo, ND  
  Barnes and Noble Booksellers Grand Forks, ND  
  Univ. of Nebraska, Omaha Omaha, NE  
  Borders Book Store Omaha, NE  
  SD State University Brookings, SD  
  Barnes and Noble Booksellers Sioux Falls, SD  

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